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If you really adore your family and want to see huge smiles on their faces, give our new CD Float a spin. Nashville-based Christian singer, songwriter and guitarist Matthew Sipos brings a happy perspective to his compositions, weaving more than a little silliness into his songs of faith. Prepare yourself for plenty of laughter as Matt lays out insightful lyrics that will bring you and your loved ones closer in the study of Biblical history and the love of Jesus Christ.

Float is available through, which you can access using the interface below.

Folks are talking about Float…

Loved Loved Loved your CD, Float! You are such a clever writer. I would like to post it on Facebook and Instagram to suggest the purchase for my friends with little ones or grandchildren. What a lovely Christmas gift. My sister and I thought it would be great for Sunday school.

We are so happy for you. We think you have a winner!

— Connie and Claire (the brownie ladies)

Hey, Matt, you came out a little while back and gave me a copy of your CD. Just wanted you to know my son really likes it! I have it in my car and we listen to it all the time. I think his favorite song is Loaves and Fishes because he’ll just randomly start singing it when he’s playing. So I told you I’d let you know what we thought of it and we really like it! Thanks!

— Rachel from Nashville

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